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Dr. Uzma Khan is a double board-certified physician, practicing as a diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Board of Obesity Medicine.  She has been successfully practicing in California since 2008. Her other subspecialties include Perimenopause/Menopause and Mood disorder which strengthen further during her collaborative - Elective-internship with Ob-Gyn during residency training. 

After publishing in Current Psychiatry - May 2010 - Vol.9, No.5:56-57 on “Mood disorder or Menopause” and running multiple CME accredited Grand rounds as a keynote speaker (last one Dec 2022), she feels very confident in providing excellent and educated care to her patients. 

She is a fierce advocate for universal mental health services and leads by example through her work and dedication as a Medical Director & Staff Psychiatrist in state-funded government programs while maintaining the CEO position for Prime Health MD.

Message from Dr. Khan

“I believe that obesity and mood changes due to hormonal imbalance is not your fault, there is more behind it. Excess weight can result from underlying health factors that can affect your body and brain. With my  experience and expertise in multiple disciplines of medicine, we  can identify and figure out the solution together that goes beyond just eating salads and spending hours at the gym. We will get to the root cause and determine your individualized plan together."

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Dr. Khan encourages you to address your weight and hormonal related medical conditions as soon as possible so that you can heal faster and become the healthiest version of yourself again.